Fashion photography is an interesting category of photography which mostly focuses on fashionable accessories, clothes, shoes and other fashion items. From street fashion photography to editorial fashion photography, advertising photography of products, this genre has mostly dealt with high-end designer items, confident and beautiful models and stunning locations. Fashion photography has seen a booming industry with the “glamour” and “fun” elements being introduced during the shoot.

Fashion images are dedicated to showing clothing and other fashion items in the best way to sell it. The marketing is the key. It uses deeply ingrained human psychology to create an interest in and a desire for a product. Fashion images needs to encourage the people to buy a product or item captured by the photographer.

Fashion Photographers use beautiful models and exlusive locations to help communicate the brand story and promote the designer’s goods. Behind a Fashion Photography there is a lot of work to understand what are the people’s needs. There is a story behind every single article worn by a model, a light composition in every condition is the real work for Gennaro Piscopo Fashion Photographer who is involved in the shooting.

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