6 Reasons Why we love wedding day?

Ah, weddings. Such a happy event, filled with happiness and love.Weddings bring with them the freshness of new beginnings – flowers, colors, new clothes, new excitement and a new sense of opportunity.

Weddings have a way of opening our hearts and uplifting our spirits. People will be excited to share your day. They literally get a contact high off your love. Why do you think everyone wants to line up to congratulate the bride and groom? Because they love you and have a special place for you in their hearts … and because they want a little whiff of wedding bliss!

Here are the top FIVE reasons why we LOVE weddings:

  1. Excitement all around-In case you haven’t heard from everyone, your wedding day FLIES by. It is one of the best days of your life, but it goes by so quickly. The wedding music, the of the guests all around, the make-up scenes of the bridesmaids, wedding photos being clicked, the delicious and aromatic food, the décor of flowers, all these are the most wonderful part of the day.
  1. Picking out your Outfit-Selecting your wedding day outfit is the most confusing and at the same time, the most WOW moment. Although you have seen your outfit a number of times before your special day but seeing it on the Wedding Day makes the dress automatically look more beautiful and you fall in love with it all over again!
  1. Enjoying Seeing Each Other Privately- After you get your dress on and you are all dolled up, you have the chance to go see your (almost!) husband by yourself. Sharing that private moment together gives you a chance to see each other alone and soak up that memory.  You are also able to hug and kiss when you see each other for the first time rather than standing at the alter waiting for the ceremony to be over to interact!
  1. The wedding speeches – This may seem like an odd reason, but the wedding speeches are the great part of the day.  The speeches may include hilarious stories and words of advice. The speeches allow the bride and group to add a little personal touch and makes their friends and family feel apart of the special day.
  1. Seeing the bride walk down the aisle. – This is a big one, especially for the groom. A lot of times the groom feels pressured to react in a certain way when he sees his bride for the first time on the wedding day. When the bride walks down the aisle on the wedding day, all eyes are on the groom to see his reaction. The good thing about sharing a First Look is that the only person the groom is reacting to is his bride and this takes A LOT of the pressure off of the reaction. He can be himself because it is just him and her in that moment.
  1. Love is in the Air- There is nothing that has the same place in our hearts as a wedding. Weddings restore our hope and our belief in Love. Weddings make the energy of Love available to all who come to witnesses. A wedding is seen as Love’s symbol of success.

We adore weddings because they bring us together in great happiness to celebrate two people. In the process, it awakens the love in our hearts and the great potential that lies within. Weddings help everyone focus on, and remember, love.

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