How to Choose the Right Fashion Phoptographer?

Have you ever wondered how the glitzy and glamorous world of fashion divas’ work? Are you aware of the effort put to create a successful fashion brand? Many a time we are confused about “fashion photography” and how much it contributes to the fashion industry.

So, what is Fashion Photography?

One of the essential aspects of fashion photography is its way of depicting the beauty of any item, even when it’s as simple as a household item. And that’s the beauty of fashion photography! Focusing on unique portraits, stylish poses, different kinds of lighting and image quality, fashion photography has wowed everyone.

Now coming to the history of fashion photography, you would be surprised to know that this genre had begun almost around the 20th century. French and American magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and La mode pratique had featured the earliest pictures of fashion photography.

Fashion photographers who have a keen eye for detail will always aim for the artistic beauty of fashion. They have the talent for highlighting the ideal features of the photograph clicked by them. But not all photographers are fashion photographers and one must also know how to distinguish between them.

What are the differences between “Normal” and “Fashion” Photos?

Now that we are aware of “fashion photography”, let us now understand the difference between a normal picture and a fashion photo.

A normal picture can range from your phone clicks to a random click taken on a sunny afternoon by your photographer friend. The pictures are generally taken casually without any special focus on the light, background, expressions of the models, and other photographic aspects. Gennaro Piscopo doesn’t shoot normal pictures.

If we also take into account “Business Photography”, “Editorial Photography” and “Street Photography” which are often confused with “Fashion Photography”, even they are completely different from each other and fashion pictures as well. There are differences in lightings, places for shoot, models used for photography and the number of members involved.

During fashion photography, an entire team is allocated for the photoshoot who takes care of every aspect of the shoot. Fashion photography not only focuses on the outfits but on the mood set and the style sense of the picture. From getting ready with the final looks to deciding on the wardrobe collection, the team has a lot of work to be done before the fashion photography can begin effectively. The team also has to pay attention to lighting setups, props hairstylist, location manager, and prepare a fashion portrait for the model before the shoot begins. Several fashion photographers also introduce a diverse range of lighting accessories and various shades of light to enhance the look of the model in their pictures. The model to be photographed too needs to be completely professional and emote the right kind of expression to create a stunning fashion photo. Every fashion photo comes with a story in the most dramatic way in which the fashion photographer captures in the most unique way.

fashonable girl with blue light

fashonable girl with blue light – copyright

The stark difference between normal pictures and fashion photos comes from a wide array of features that they possess. Often the clients’ requirements also decide the kind of photos come up. Different styles of photography come with different skillsets and approaches.

The Italian Fashion Style

When we talk about “fashion photography” and attractive fashion portraits and photographs, how can we ever forget the iconic Italian fashion trends that have inspired so many fashion photographers all across the globe!

During the mid-1950’s and 1960’s, there was a sudden rise of glamor, elegance and style in the streets of Italy. When Audrey Hepburn had her passionate Vespa moment during her Roman holiday, everyone went completely crazy and wanted more of Italian fashion into their lives. Ever since then, the Italian style has slowly but steadily got secured into fashion photography.

Some of the successful fashion photographers of the industry have vouched for Italian style for its subtle yet distinct charm. From Milan to Paris, fashion has been a strong game point for Italy and fashion photography too has evolved in recent times. As the combination of celebrity and style comes in front of the camera, then the true senses of Italian fashion photography reflect through the pictures. Be it contemporary fashion or classic style – Italian fashion has been beautifully showcased throughout these years.

Fashion photography that includes more of Italian style and its charm brings out a realistic yet vivid depiction of the picture which surely stuns everybody. The eye catching imagery along with the bold portrayal of the model through the picture shows how Italian fashion is ruling over fashion photography.

Italian glamour is all about creating an edgy yet mesmerizing personality which will then reflect through the pictures clicked by the skilful fashion photographers.

Take a look to these points before to choice your best Fashion Photographer

So, now when you decide to choose the ideal fashion photographer for your project, make sure you remember the following pointers:

  • Select the photographer for the work presented. When the fashion photographer has a talent for fashion photography and shares an extreme passion for the profession, then you have found the right person for yourself.
  • The photographer should have a sound knowledge about the product as that will help them to shoot conceptually and assess the client’s requirements accordingly.
  • When your fashion photographer is constantly coming up with creative techniques and has a unique way of dealing with lights accessories, props, styling and technology – that photographer is a keeper for sure!
  • If the photographer has an eye for fashion, is aware of the recent fashion trends, checks out the garments and their style and closely coordinates with various fashion brands, then this photographer sure knows his/her work.

Fashion photography is all about adding some more elegance to the scene.